2015 Marketing Plan task number six

2015 Marketing Plan task number six

Today we think about our best (and next best!) customer in a different way. Most of the time your customers are defined by typical demographics like age, gender, their profession, income, etc. You may have started to define them geographically or by ethnicity, too. But really, the best way to define your best customer is to combine those demographics with more information about what they do, how they think and most importantly, how they buy. In other words, what is their behavior?

Your best customers are the customers who are loyal to you, who buy frequently and refer others to you. Take a minute to answer the following questions in terms of what you know about your best customers. Don’t get too analytical about it. We just want a quick, current understanding so we can apply the knowledge to your growing 2015 Marketing Plan.

  • What is the male to female ratio – best guess? 
  • What is their average education?
  • If B2B, how big is their company?
  • If B2B, what role do they play at the organization?
  • Can you specify an age range at 10 years or less? (In other words, 30-40, 40-50, etc.)
  • How are they normally introduced to you?
  • How long is the average time between when they first engage with your company or brand, and when they buy?
  • How much information do they need before they buy?
  • Where do they conduct the transaction? (In your store, online, on the phone if you’re a consultant, etc.)
  • What is your average sale?

Now, is there a “next best” customer? Answer those questions again. But don’t take a long time, ok?

Great! Now you’re ready for tomorrow’s task. Stay tuned.

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