2015 Marketing Plan task seventeen

2015 Marketing Plan task seventeen

Just a quick note…we will NOT be posting on 12/24 or 12/25, but we’ll pick it up on 12/26. If you happened to get sidetracked by the holidays, we’ll have a good roundup for you at the end! 

Today we’ll think about new tactics to try for the 2015 Marketing Plan. Take a look at your strategies from last week. What are the next logical steps to make those strategies actionable? Remember your tactics need to be in alignment with your overall strategies. If they’re not, they won’t lead you to your best customer and to your overall goal. If you like, you can start brainstorming them under your strategies.  If you need help, the great Jay Conrad Levinson has created a laundry list of marketing tactics and strategies.  Here are some examples of strategies and their associated tactics:

Strategy: Develop content marketing  to reach influencers in my field

Tactic: Write one blog post per week and distribute via Twitter and LinkedIn

Tactic: Find five influencers each week, follow them and RT their work.

Tactic: Curate influencer work on blog.

Strategy: Create cool online ad campaign to reach my best customer.

Tactic: Develop Facebook ads and run them once a month.

Tactic: Create banner ads for targeted zip codes within 5 miles of retail store.

Tactic: Review response from ads and adjust every two months.

Strategy: Develop consistent public relations campaign.

Tactic: Create one press release per quarter and distribute to local newspapers and blogs.

Tactic: Create five SlideShare presentations and distribute via social media.



  • Robert
    Posted at 16:52h, 04 February Reply

    Thoughtful strategies. Working with Linked In is hard. Other social platforms are relatively easy to use and manage. Strategy is essential in such work. Good points. Keep them coming.

  • Amar Bangla Natok
    Posted at 09:11h, 06 February Reply

    Great tips and nice post, fantastic creativity I like this. Thank you very much.

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