2015 Marketing Plan task twelve

2015 Marketing Plan task twelve

Strategies are hard. Don’t worry if you feel like you really didn’t “get” yesterday’s task. Or maybe you came up with too many ideas. Either way it’s okay. Strategies are supposed to be the “thinking” part of marketing. So it’s important to chew them over. Just like cud. Some you spit out. Some you digest. I promise not to take the analogy any farther.

Today I want you to think about strategies that you use currently and rate them from 1-5. 1 means they’re terrible and you will never do them again. (Like the time I paid to be on a panel where a woman actually sang our bios.) 5 means they bring in amazing results. Remember, strategies are not actionable. Yours might be like these:

– print advertising
– direct sales
– networking events
– social media
– content marketing
– local public relations

Consultants tend to write beautiful marketing strategies like this :

Attract moms age 30-35 via online public relations campaign featuring pitches and alerts pegged to celebrity news.

You don’t need to get that fancy. Make your list and keep chewing.1317226737_cow_chewing


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