The 7 Best Tools for Visual Marketers

The 7 Best Tools for Visual Marketers

visual marketersWe live in a visually dominated world. It’s rare to see any content appear on the web without a visual complement. Whether it’s a 140 character tweet or a five page white paper, content gets shared more often when accompanied by an image. Visual marketers know this. They also know that you don’t have to be a Photoshop wizard to win big with visual marketing.

No surprise that this rising interest in visual presentation has been accompanied by an increase in the number of related applications. From this large universe, we’ve selected a number of tools that cover a wide variety of uses in B2B marketing including image creation, presentation, editing and optimization.


This simple yet powerful design tool enables visual marketers to quickly create decent-looking visual content. Creating online promotional material for blog posts is straightforward as there are dozens of templates already sized for popular social media platforms. Producing offline marketing collateral like event flyers, business cards and postcards is also a snap. Versatility and ease of use are two reasons that makes this product particularly appealing.


Placeit lets visual marketers quickly create product mockups. Provide a screenshot or URL of your site and this app creates a mockup on a variety of desktop and mobile devices. As of this writing there are dozens of devices and hundreds of shots from which to choose. Posters, banners and packaging mockups are also available, saving time when pitching offline concepts.


Visme is a tool for creating presentations, infographics, reports, web content, product presentations and wireframes. Create interactive presentations in your browser, share them on social media, embed them on your website, view them on any device or download for presentation offline.


DataHero helps visual marketers take complicated data, make sense out of it, and create stunning and informative visuals. Design beautiful charts and dashboards from your data, export them in a variety of formats and use them in your PowerPoint, or any other presentation. DataHero connects to a number of leading cloud services, decodes your data, combines it across any service (even spreadsheets), and recommends appropriate visuals. You can accomplish all this without waiting for IT provide you with insight.


Infographics are a great way to convey complex information in an easily digestible format. Venngage is one app that makes infographic creation a simpler task. Professionally designed templates provide a starting point from which you can further customize with your own data and information. Completed infographics can be published on social media, embedded on websites or downloaded.

Social Media Image Maker

Every social media site has their own specific requirements regarding image size. Keeping track of those dimensions and editing them in various formats is extremely time consuming, even when using your favorite graphics program. This online app allows you to resize and retouch your social media images on 16 different platforms, fast. It’s great when you have just one creative asset, like a blog post image, that you want to use for promotional efforts on different social media sites. You can get the job done without waiting for a designer.


Images make up 62% of today’s Internet traffic and faster download times create a better customer experience. Kraken substantially reduces the size of your images without visually affecting their quality. Their WordPress plugin automatically optimizes newly uploaded images without requiring additional work on your part. Images can be cropped and resized before compression, which is perfect for websites that have specific size constraints. A host of IT-related features make this app attractive to larger organizations, although B2B marketers will appreciate its ease of use.

B2B marketing is no longer restricted solely to text either. Visual marketers in this domain can use these same tools to quickly and effectively incorporate visuals into their content. Fortunately, applications are available that do not require specialized experience in order to generate acceptable results.


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