Author: Bonnie Harris

For today, I'm giving you an easy task. How will you measure your progress? Looking back at Day 4, measuring Example A might be a monthly sales review. For Example B, perhaps you will review the number of new clients (or maybe even proposals you've generated?). Example C is even easier - just download your Google Analytics reports. Here are a couple good axioms for measurement:
  • If your transaction volume is low, measure things (like proposals) once a month or so that lead to sales.
  • If your transaction volume is high, you may need to measure weekly, or even daily.
Easy peasy! Stop saying this is too simple. When it's done well, marketing is simple, but effective. Guess what? You're one week closer to your 2015 marketing plan! Here's a roundup of what we covered in steps 1-5.

stonehenge-509914_1280Now that you know your end goal for 2015 you need to quantify it. This means coming up with a goal number for your 2015 marketing plan. This might be hard for some people so here's a woo woo way to make it easier. (Stop wrinkling your nose and read on my friends. I led a team that built a $25 million dollar business in five years. You can't do that without a bit of woo woo. By the way, to all my former employees at Shamrock for whom this was probably an incredibly painful experience but you stuck with me, thanks and I'm sorry.) Back to our regularly scheduled programming. I want to remind you that setting goals is part of the personal philosophy by which you run your business. Some people may have had a hard year in 2014 and want to sandbag it for 2015. This is okay! Maybe you've had some setbacks and just staying even would be fantastic. Maybe you've redirected your brand or company and you know you'll sell less in 2015. This is okay too. On the flip side, if you're an aggressive personality, you might always choose stretch goals. Or perhaps you're a strong believer  that "thought transcends matter" and you think whatever you set out there you'll manifest. Now, if you've chosen a goal that contributes to your end goal, you'd better know what percentage turns into actual sales. If you don't know this, you might not want to use that goal as a contributing factor, as you don't know enough about it. Think on that. If you do know, then just do the math to quantify your goal. Once you understand how YOU PERSONALLY set goals, it's easy to come up with a number.

When we think about Black Friday and its Internet twin Cyber Monday, visions of throngs of customers buying goods like they are on a game show fill our heads. The shopping season that leads up to the holidays has been the playground of marketing professionals for the better part of a century. The Internet and social media have changed the way that we reach out to consumers. Some of these methods can be adapted even if you are not a retail entrepreneur.

Socially Responsible Marketing

There are times when doing a good thing at a company level can reap a financial benefit in the form of socially responsible holiday marketing. This form of “win-win” marketing highlights the communal benefit of buying your product or using your service. The company SoapBox Soaps is a good example of a socially responsible product with marketing to match. With any purchase of their soap or bath product, the company will donate soap and water to needy children worldwide. In the case of SoapBox Soaps, the marketing goes hand-in-hand with its product line. Even if you are a service deliverer, socially responsible marketing can work. In Miami-Dade County, when the school district did not have the resources to assess needy children, school psychologists donated their time, garnering a lot of good press toward their marketing endeavors.

Engagement Marketing

email marketingThank you to Campaigner for sending along these tips to improve your email marketing tactics!  Black Friday deals. Holiday sales. Travel promotions. New Years offers. This holiday season, all email marketers and online retailers are in a hunger games of their own: keeping their promotional emails alive – and out of the spam folder – will determine their ability to survive the email marketing games. Avoiding the dreaded delete button is a taxing battle, as 23 percent of consumers claim they get overwhelmed with holiday offers and just ignore them, while 31 percent look, but rarely take action and make a purchase, according to a recent Campaigner survey. Similar to how Katniss Everdeen puts on a façade to entice her sponsors, email marketers need to adopt a mix of eye-catching graphics and personalized content to make a lasting impression. In the spirit of  The Hunger Games: Mockingjay being released later this month,  here are a few tips for email marketers to channel their inner Katniss and emerge from the arena as a victor. May the odds be ever in your favor!  1.    Channel Your Inner Katniss with Fail-Safe Precautions: With her life on the line, Katniss never makes the same mistake twice. Taking fail-safe sending precautions prevents the same from occurring in your email marketing campaigns. You’ll be sure to ruin your chances with customers if you spam them with emails they can’t open. With more and more consumers reading email via smartphones or tables, be sure to implement responsive design (mobile) templates to make your content easy to read and interact with. Otherwise, similar to how the cannon blast signals a tributes demise, you’ll become a victim of the delete button and will leave the email marketing games early. 2.    Your Email Marketing Mockingjay – Make an Impression: