Author: Bonnie Harris

I remember the first press conference I ever ran. It was for the Sierra Club, to announce the results of a study in which they found antibiotic-resistant bacteria in most of the turkeys purchased in local grocery stores. 10 years ago this was shocking news and we had film crews, print journalists and even a few people from the agricultural companies there. Today this wouldn't be big enough news to hold a press conference, much less to draw people to an actual  event. It's too easy to do interviews, write a story, even get video without needing to leave your desk.  That doesn't mean the news conference is necessarily dead. It just means before you do one make sure you have a really good reason. Or something that will draw attention to your news. Here are a the few good reasons left to hold a news conference:

As our regular readers likely know by now, my strategies in blogging typically find a happy medium between having a technical-minded SEO focus and a customer-oriented approach.  I’m all about balance and a big believer that regardless of what your SEO stats tell you, if you’re not connecting with your clients, you’re not accomplishing enough. I bring this up only because there is one area where it’s just dawned on me that my views differ, and it relates to inserting hyperlinks on your blog. Should Hyperlinks On Your Blog Be About Customers or SEO?