We’ve talked a lot about writing  your business blog as a solo blogger.  Yet it's only reasonable that at some point more than one person is responsible for content. You may find that you have different views on style or strategy. That can be challenging when you're trying to create content that is cohesive. So what do you do?

If your blog content is drawing the traffic that you expect, you may start thinking about taking a new approach.  This is of course a good place to start, but you really need to stop and think first – your corporate blog is not just there for entertainment, after all. Before you implement a new concept and guideline for your blog, you should first consider these five main points: 

These days, the only job that seems to keep me interested is the one that combines quite a bit of disparate activity. In PR, we are part counselor, salesperson, troubleshooter, secretary, creative, mediator...you name it and we do it. As a kid I wasn't much different. I had two main career aspirations - surgeon and go-go dancer.  In some ways, dissection and dancing go hand in hand in the public relations business -  so maybe I'm not that far off from my childhood dreams. When I was 4, remember it was the sixties and go-go dancing was all the rage. I had the COOLEST pair of patent leather go-go boots, and the shimmeriest shiniest mini- skirt you've ever seen. Me and my friend Sheri would practice go-go dancing on the stone wall between our houses for hours. This is not unlike the activity involved with a pitch. Dress it up, make it snazzy, tap dance your way onto the phone with an editor and then hit 'em with your jazz hands. (Everyone, do your jazz hands now. You know you want to.) That's the outward appearance of PR to most people. We're glad handers, salespeople, we add the "ta da" to the "to do". But in reality, there's quite a bit more surgery involved than people are aware of.

When you are incorporating news stories into your blog content, your approach truly matters. You are never going to successfully compete with the large media sites, so re-stating industry-relevant stories will never captivate your readers. You can use the news information in a number of different ways and your approach really depends not only on  your industry, but also how you’ve positioned your blog. You have to ensure that your blog posts contain news in a way that makes sense to your readers, not just for search or backlink reasons. Here are a few ways to incorporate news into your blog posts: 

As a small business owner it’s easy to find yourself pulled in six (or six thousand) different directions. As a result, when you decide to start blogging it’s hard to know how much time you really need to invest.  Problogger Beth Hodgson hails from Canada, aka the Shizzle north of Hizzle.  We always worry about how often to post and sticking to a consistent schedule.  But consistency and frequency are not the only issues when you're managing your time as a mompreneur, small business owner, author or any combination of the three. There's another  problem – everyone does things at his or her own pace. It's hard to pinpoint the right number of "hours"  blogging should take. There's no set recipe. Instead, it's important to make sure you're maximizing the time you do have, no matter how large or small the bucket. Here are six ways you can make the most of your time for the smallest investment possible.