End of October

End of October

Thank goodness October is ending. Everyone tries to put all their promotions – book launches, breast cancer, corn mazes, you name it we do in one month what it takes three months to do in the spring! But it’s all worth it. We got some great hits for our clients this month so allow me a little time to brag, we’ve earned it. LifeMoxie Ambition on a Mission is a book we launched this year that is doing fabulously well. Two national radio programs, Sally Jessy Raphael (who is doing a new radio show, by the way) and even the Huffington Post. I hope her book is selling well, it’s really a great shot in the arm, get up and go type of motivational book. Femail Creations and Barefoot Parties did well too. The Barefoot Bunny Slippers got on Gossip Girl last week. We did it by sending the stylist at the O.C. the slippers last year. Guess what, they carted those things with them to New York (it’s the same production company) and lo and behold we got another placement. It goes to show you just never know when your hard work will pay off. So don’t you give up either!

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  • Receveur douche à carreler
    Posted at 05:02h, 04 August Reply

    Its already August, I can’t imagine that time goes by really really fast. No wonder why everything seems to be in a hurry. Thanks for breaking some leg!


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