Going off the grid not all it’s crackberried up to be

Going off the grid not all it’s crackberried up to be

Up until December 25 of 2008 I hadn’t taken a break from working online for at least five years, not counting a panic-filled couple of days when Louisiana humidity shut  down my phone.  Last year I decided to turn my cell phone for one Saturday and missed a call from a celebrity manager who wanted HIS client to wear MY client’s product on the red carpet at the Academy Awards. Luckily the next morning we still made it happen.

Still, responding to pressure from friends who insist that I do not live “in the moment” I did go off the grid the last week of 2008. I have to admit it was hard, especially given my newfound addiction to Twitter (follow me at www.twitter.com/waxgirl333 now!) But guess what? I didn’t feel “cleansed” or “relaxed” or any of that stuff.  Although I was skiing and having fun with my friends, there was a part of my life that was missing. The worst was trying to get back in the swing of things this past week. I felt like that little old lady sitting in the left lane at 50mph with everyone else whizzing by me like it was the info-autobahn.

So forget it. I’m not doing it again. Donald Trump doesn’t need vacations from his work and neither do I. Tried it, hated it, lost a week coming back. I’m not missing life because I may be tweeting at a party, or checking emails at midnight, or answering my phone on Saturdays.  A big part of my life is ON the internet now. It’s not the only part, but it’s an important part. And I refuse to feel guilty about it any longer.

By the way, I added about 30 followers on Twitter while I was gone. Still trying to figure out how that one works.

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