Guest posting made easy

Guest posting made easy

In April I wrote about guest posting as a way to improve your online reputation and I think we all know why it’s great for your traffic numbers.  (If you’re not sure, here’s a great post from that explains it in detail.)

You may not be sure HOW or WHERE to guest post. And you may also be banging your head against the wall at yet another social media task that has no immediate ROI.  Just trust me, guest posting is an important part of your online marketing tasks. And it doesn’t have to be a time drain. Here are some easy ways to find good blogs to write for, and tips on writing them:

  • First, realize that you don’t need to do five guest posts a week. I write about one a month and if it’s busy, I won’t do any. Think of it as part of your marketing activities. When it’s slower and you naturally spend more time on sales and marketing add in guest posting. Just try to average one a month and you will be in good shape.
  • Guest posts don’t have to be really long. Many people write blog posts that are 600-800 words long. To me, that’s two or even three posts. Plan on writing about 400 words and include a nice royalty free photo.
  • Choose a few blogs that are in your niche and frequently use guest writers. As I mentioned, does vet potential guest bloggers but it really wasn’t that hard to get in. You can also use Cathy Stucker’s excellent service BloggerLinkup to find sites to write for. (You can sign up for her daily email as well to make it easier.) is another good service.
  • Make sure you know the site well. I get a lot of requests for guest posts about topics that have nothing to do with the Wax blog. A good one that is targeted to my audience almost always gets in.
  • Email the blog owner and keep it short. “I’d like to write a post about the best places to post press releases online for the best results” or something is a lot better than a manifesto about your fabulous skills, incredible writing style and world-renowned whatever.
  • Don’t try to blog for the top ones first. I just got my first post on American Express’ OpenForum but it took a while to get their attention. Try for blogs that have great content and smart writing. You could even use the same list from your content curation activities that we talked about in last Thursday’s post. If you’re reading and reposting their content, they likely be more open to your request to include yours.
  • Make your deadline – this is so important. As a blog owner, I can tell you that it’s totally obvious when people make up excuses for being late (ala “the dog ate my homework”) or worse, send it in weeks after I expect it.

Finally, when it’s posted make sure you tweet it, FB it, whatever you do for social media PROMOTE IT. That’s the whole reason you do this in the first place.

Would you like to write a guest post for the Wax blog? Email me at waxmarketing at gmail dot com with your ideas!

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    Blame the dog… again 🙂

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    You are blamed…

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