have we forgotten the telephone?

have we forgotten the telephone?

This week one of my contractors picked up the phone and called the office of Kevin Huvane. Mr. Huvane is one of the top talent agents in the country and represents many A-list stars. Within 30 minutes we had the internal fax number for Harpo Productions. (If you don’t know who that is you should leave this blog and find out ASAP.) Oh, she made another call and got Julia Roberts’ manager’s email.

I talked about this in my last post, but how many times do we try to avoid a direct conversation because we’re uncertain, shy, have a lisp, whatever the excuse it’s got to stop. Whenever I take a deep breath and just call, the results are usually much faster and more efficient. Even if they tell me to send them an email, I know where to send it, and they’re looking for it. That’s a warm lead right there!

Get comfortable giving a 30 second elevator pitch on your product or service. If the words roll easily off your tongue, you’ll feel much more comfortable talking “live”. As long as you are polite and SHORT-WINDED most people don’t mind a phone call. If they’re on deadline, they may not be able to talk but again, you’re ready for your email.

Let’s use that phone for something other than texting and taking pictures. Get better at the phone and magic will happen, I guarantee it.

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