let’s hear it for chutzpah

let’s hear it for chutzpah

Or moxie, initiative, whatever you want to call it. I run across two kinds of clients in my work. Those who feel their product or service is so fascinating that writers MUST cover them. And those that know it takes alot of creativity, persistence, and above all else HUSTLE to get the job done. What do I mean by that? I’ve had a couple of great examples lately that I think will show the difference between waiting for things to happen and making them happen.

Alex Tinsman is the creator of Angel Quest, a game that teaches people how to do random acts of kindness. She hired me to coach her and we worked out some pitches for television, print and online. Alex knew it wouldn’t be easy but she took my advice and some from others that were helping her and just started pitching. Within six weeks she was booked to appear on Montel Williams.

Now maybe this isn’t the norm and maybe she got lucky. But how many times do we all simply send out releases over the web or emails to editors and then cross our fingers someone will call. Take a minute this week and pick up the phone and pitch someone. See what happens.

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