IMC Strategy and Implementation

“The American Marketing Association defines Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) as “a planning process designed to assure that all brand contacts received by a customer or prospect for a product, service, or organization are relevant to that person and consistent over time.”

Few agencies or consultants are implementing IMC strategies to their fullest capability. Bonnie Harris is one of the only IMC strategy experts who understands the complete continuum of Integrated Marketing Communications – from creating measurable objectives, to cross-channel strategies, to the best sets of linked tactics and continuous campaign improvement through long-term and iterative measurement.

The usual steps carried out in an IMC strategy include:

  • IMC analysis of the brand and its primary competitors.
  • IMC Report Card™ – Download a sample IMC Report Card here.
  • Identification of primary messaging channels for brand, organization or person.
  • Identification of core strategy statement and adaptive messaging.
  • Measurable objectives and cross-channel strategies including
  • Project timeline including deliverables and specific tactics
  • Measurement and reporting

Most IMC strategies blow traditional marketing out of the water in terms of results. The key lies in continuously finding and implementing strong strategies and linked tactics. Learn more on how applying an IMC Campaign can move your marketing forward!