Social Media Services

Reaching your audience with a strong social media marketing strategy is no longer optional—it’s a requirement for brands to compete for attention in a busy digital landscape.

According to Brandwatch, of the world’s 4.5 billion users of the internet (as of 12/19) 3.75 billion (and growing fast) are using social media actively. The average Internet user has 5+ social media accounts. According to experts, the average user is on social media 2+ hours a day, and is on average using 8 platforms.

We have years of experience creating and implementing flexible social media strategies from audience analysis to crafting the perfect messages to monitoring sentiment and engagement. We also understand the importance of interacting with media and influencers on social media to boost your signal and complement PR. We have a broad range of high-profile contacts across a variety of industries and expand our network daily.

Social media marketing strategies aren’t just about publishing posts. It’s about staying fluid in a rapidly changing world. Keeping up with ever-shifting audiences, knowing the best messaging for each channel and shifting tactics based on careful monitoring are all vital components of healthy social media. At Wax Marketing we do this day in and day out.