Marketing for human beings

Marketing for human beings

I just read Beth’s Why Do We Blog? article and it immediately made me think about the way that we communicate when we do business.

To me, running a company blog is not only about authority, exposure and creating new leads it is also about showing that you are human. So many companies use uptight business-speak on their website and in their literature. Take this example I just grabbed from a multinational’s site: “Our ability to deliver high quality knowledge and services through multiple channels, in dynamic and rapidly changing environments, makes our offer unique and extremely valuable to individuals and organisations.“. So, uh, what is it you actually do?

Thankfully some companies, like the one above, are starting to add blogs to their sites and they are a bit more relaxed when they post on there. Somehow, it’s OK to write naturally, with warmth and a human voice on a blog but it’s not OK to do that on the homepage.

But as individuals we’re often just as bad. Here’s two examples from LinkedIn: “…streamlining business operations, handling multiple projects and providing advanced capabilities in diverse engagements.” and “…recognizing the requirements for success and driving out dependencies and risks that pose threats to successful delivery.”.

People don’t talk like that, so why write like that? Is marketing ourselves and our businesses using every day language unprofessional?

Steve Claridge is a software developer and blogger. He likes to build stuff and he also writes about his hearing loss and hearing aids.

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  • Gary Brazzell
    Posted at 10:39h, 23 December Reply

    Agreed. Writing style is important for framing the persona of your business. This can be an important aspect of branding. A casual writing style can be advantageous for engaging readers and making your company or presentation seem more personable. On the other hand, a medical journal writing style, journalistic writing style, or even federal regulation writing style all have their place in marketing. Each writing style conveys a message about the content and about the company. This message connoted by the writing style exists independently from the actual content of the text, and is sometimes more powerful than the actual content of the text because the effects of style slip into the reader’s psyche while bypassing conscious evaluation.

    The writing style about which Steven complains can give the wrong impression. It’s high on buzz words and short on meaning. For readers like me and Steve who are looking for real information, the message conveyed by the writing style is one being disingenuous.

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