Marketing Sarah Palin

Marketing Sarah Palin

Yesterday I got lambasted by two women – one liberal and one conservative – for making a comment about Sarah Palin. On the one hand, I questioned how the conservative could feel so passionately positive about Palin’s supposed refreshing new attitude when she had obviously been fed every word right down to the ‘joe six packs’. For the liberal, I simply mentioned that several moms had wondered how she could leave a few months old special-needs child for such a demanding job. Oh, that unleashed a torrent of comments from my feminist friend how no would say that about a dad with a new job, and a strange justification that Down’s syndrome kids were genetically more happy than the rest of us anyway.

However one feels about Republicans it’s clear they’ve figured out that marketing Sarah Palin is a can’t lose move. Not only do home schoolers and conservatives admire her but liberal feminists defend her. It’s the political equivalent of Tila Tequila the bisexual MySpace queen who became a celebrity with her own TV show by pandering to both sides. Palin may have laughable experience but it’s clearly politically incorrect to question her motives no matter how you vote. Like Tequila, she appeals to both sides of the fence.

My only question is, when are women going to start supporting each other in the workplace and in day to day interactions, rather than just at a public level? Or is all this passion really just to hide their guilt at how they secretly compete and tear down each other in their personal lives?

See the YouTube video here.

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