Pitching mom bloggers..the remix

Pitching mom bloggers..the remix

Every once in a while I like to go back and pull posts that I think deserved more attention than they got. I’m in the thick of pitching mom bloggers for a couple books right now…I think Lian Dolan’s advice from last summer is worth reading again. Basically, she says the important thing is to build the relationship…and then pitch. Still holds true!

Marketers know the power of moms – Robin Neifeld of Clickz reports that moms account for 80% of consumer purchases and nearly $1.6 million in annual spending.  And one of the best places to find moms is through blogs. But don’t underestimate this group of women – it’s one of the most sophisticated and particular segments of online media. Pitch them well and you could have a friend for life.  But if you screw up – well let’s just say they’re VERY well connected.

Luckily, we were able to get some advice on this topic from one of the most well known women in the genre – Lian Dolan is the youngest of the famed Satellite Sisters. Satellitesisters.com has been a site, radio show, blog, podcast, and e-newsletter for over a decade.  The concept of Satellite Sisters is five real sisters sharing their very different lives with their audience. As such they cover a wide range of topics, from headline news to Thanksgiving recipes. The Satellite Sisters audience is women, not just moms, age 34 to 55.

Lian launched Chaoschronicles.com in 2008. The site  covers Modern Motherhood with humor and empathy. The Chaos Chronicles started as a magazine column in Working Mother Magazine in 2003. Now, it is a successful blog and weekly podcast, focused on motherhood and all that entails form parenting challenges to bad haircut meltdowns.  Lian is also the regular parenting blogger on the relationships page of Oprah.com, offering humor and advice in the areas of parenting, marriage and other familial relationships.

Could we have found a better person to teach us how to pitch mom bloggers? I think not! To find how how Lian answered my questions on reaching this incredibly influential media market read on…

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    Thanks for the share. It’s true, I find a lot of women with children succeeding in different industries more and more everyday. I salute them for that. I guess it’s part of being a mom, they have more to prove and more to lose than the next person because the common perception of moms is that they cannot be working and raising a kid all at the same time. I guess that is where all the motivation comes from.

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