Posts on blogging you loved

Posts on blogging you loved

Whether or not you were up for some loving this week is inconsequential around here, because we’re ready to get into the spirit of this Hallmark holiday and revisit some of the posts that we loved and that seemed to hit readers with Cupid’s arrow! Okay, now let’s put the cheesy aside and get down to business; here are some of our top posts that really got readers captivated, thinking and discussing!

1.     Blogger Semantics – the term ‘blogger’ is a broad category and at times that can be aggravating.  There was some fun debate happening, but in the end, the general consensus seemed to be that the ‘professional, corporate blogger’ types prefer to steer clear of the ‘blogger’ label because that gets misinterpreted and professionals aren’t always taken seriously as a result. My opinion on this subject hasn’t changed – I still will not call myself a ‘blogger’- but I would like to know how you define these blogger semantics!

2.     Commenting Etiquette – it’s fair to say that anyone with a blog or website has seen its share of useless, rude and spammy comments hidden throughout the intelligent ones and that no one really appreciates these. Well, the bad news there is that I have definitely seen a rise in comments that contribute nothing but a link drop, and it would seem that real live people are behind many of them. I think a few people could use a refresher in commenting etiquette before this angry mob commentors on this article really lose it!

3.     Different Perspectives on SEO These days it would seem as though everyone is an SEO expert, and rightly so! Of course that also means there are a lot of different opinions on how to do SEO right. I shared my perspective, while some of our readers shared their own expertise. Drop by and share how you do SEO!

4.     When Blogging Hurts Your Business – want to kill your business the second you launch your blog? We covered a few things you should avoid doing at all costs if you ever want to see your return on investment. Readers provided some great insight as well, outlining circumstances where the “don’ts” could become the “dos”, proving again that in blogging there is no black and white!

5.     Why Do We Blog? this one is self-explanatory. I told you why you should, so tell us why you do!

One thing that’s clear about some of these heavily commented upon posts is that readers really dove into the controversial topics that open up the door to debate! If you didn’t know already, I love it..and well, I don’t want to take TOO much credit there, but I did once let you in on my dirty little secret so all I can say is my work here is done! Hope a journey back to some of the posts you loved helped that Valentine’s Day heart hangover at least a little!

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  • Ann Karen
    Posted at 09:31h, 23 February Reply

    I like the post “Different Perspective in SEO”. Thanks for sharing.

  • prostate cancer specialist
    Posted at 22:04h, 23 October Reply

    Nice links to the other articles! We have so much to learn about the blogging world, that we never stop learning if we want to grow. Also thanks for pointing out how to deal with readers and the people who makes comments, because it’s critical for a blog. Our readers would love to know how we deal with different situations, a lot of people put lots of meaning into all that.

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