PR is NOT free Advertising

PR is NOT free Advertising

If there’s nothing else you learn from this site please, please, PLEASE promise me you will stop viewing media placements as something that can replace advertising. It’s one of the worst misconceptions that exist in the marketing and PR world today. And it’s not your fault! Many PR people tout media placements as a replacement for ads. But it can be challenging, if not impossible in some industries, to get those editorial mentions in your favorite publications. In fact, many monthly magazines give editorial preferences to their advertisers only.

So what does a media placement do? Well, in its best form it supports your direct call to action efforts. If you have an ad in a publication, a mention in an editorial story will give that ad an extra boost (remember, your customer needs to see your message multiple times before they respond!) A well placed story with YOUR most intelligent quote will give you credibility, and often help you get on that next big show. I often use “..she was quoted in the New York Times…” as a way to get a producer’s attention. Of course you can’t lie, you really DO have to get the quotes first.

PR placements can become suggestions from editors, if you have a solid product to sell. Book reviews can be tough to get, but well worth it. Getting on Oprah or Ellen is also a quick hit, and will likely drive sales. But you must be either extremely lucky or extremely persistent AND have a relevant product before you get mentioned on those popular programs. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. You need to have a strong campaign going on all fronts, though. Because everyone tries to get on those shows.

And don’t pooh pooh other shows. Most people don’t know that the Montel Williams show is one of the most popular talk shows on television! Sylvia Browne, the famous psychic, understands that lots of appearances on the #2 or even the #10 show, can be more powerful than Ellen dancing with your product just once.

The bottom line is, you need to use as many messaging channels as you can to sell your product. They all support each other, but a quarterback can’t do the job of the whole football team.

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  • Interphone moto
    Posted at 12:16h, 23 May Reply

    Well I guess, you don’t really need PR no be recognize. It will be recognize as long as its love by others. You don’t have to try going to popular shows, they will be the one inviting you.


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