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Dos and Don’ts of Presenting

The first thing you need to do is to catch the attention of your audiences with apt use of captivating images, appealing topic headings, and consistency of the idea and goal of the presentation throughout. Keep the audiences engaged by optimum usage of slides, facts, graphs, and also quick wit and humor.
Practice makes perfect, and as a presenter you should not jump into it without getting familiarized with the content, visuals, strategically places pauses, and points of emphasis. The time spent on practicing your presentation would pay off well as it significantly reduces your chances of falling into an embarrassing situation. You can deliver the presentation to your friends, family or close colleagues, get their feedback to improve it and make it more effective. Recording your presentation using a video camera can also help a lot for you to identify the areas that need improvement and whether or not certain parts are effective or relevant enough to make it to the final stage.
For more Dos and Don’ts and other things to keep in mind, this infographic from WalkerStone can provide you with satisfactory help you in learning more about delivering a presentation.  Visit the Walker Stone website for more tips on delivering a powerful pitch.

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