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SEO in 2018 – 4 Things to Consider

How to gain success with SEO in 2018 by engaging your target audience and he right kind of content.

Technology improves at an amazing rate every year and it’s important to consider SEO for 2018. To keep a marketing website relevant and on top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) it is vital to stay current in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

2017 brought in a lot of new things. SEO for 2018 heralds the arrival of even more. Some are expansions of last year’s trends while others are new ways of doing things that are emerging in the marketing world. Here are some ways to ensure success with your SEO in 2018:

Understand Mobile Marketing

More people are relying on cell phones, tablets, and other mobile devices to do their browsing, shopping and communicating. This trend is showing no signs of slowing down – the experts predict that the mobile market will continue its rapid expansion in 2018. What this means for websites is that not only do they have to be compatible with this format, or responsive in other words. They need content that is mobile-friendly as well. Many of these devices are also linked to GPS, increasing the value of localized marketing. Content written for people on the move strengthens SEO by inviting more hits.

Engage the Target Audience

SEO for 2018 should include simple site updates.

Whether the user is on a computer or mobile device  a homepage should interest its audience and make browsers want to continue clicking around. The site has to give them something to look at, as well as enough information to leave them wanting more. Simple is the best way to go, with options to continue in more detail available. The homepage for Brilliance is a great example. Right at the top are options for people ready to buy from the site  with the product in the spotlight. Scrolling down offers three ways to search for a ring using pictures for the links. At the bottom are the directory and sitemap. It’s clean and engaging, inviting the browser to come and explore without being overwhelming.

Pace Long-Tail Keywords

The previous convention was to use short keywords to improve SEO but this is no longer sufficient as people are using more specific searches to find what they want. As a result more sites are seeing an increase in long-tail keywords Long-tail keywords are  sets of words or phrases that provide a little more information. Think  “Napa Valley Pinot Noir” rather than “wine.” This means being a little more mindful of how often keywords are used in a site’s content. Overuse of keywords can penalize overall SEO.

Use the Right Content Length

In an analysis by Backlinko, it was found that the average length of content appearing on the first page of a SERP was 1,890 words. That is around 7 paper pages – a lot of time to provide a lot of information. The objective is to provide content that is so informative that it becomes the authority through being backlinked as a reference on other unrelated sites. Reliable articles can be expanded or new content created to boost SEO, but every word has to count. Including images and infographics in the content can also improve SEO rankings because the content will also appear in an image search.

Every year brings exciting new changes to the world of Internet marketing. 2018 is bringing a lot of new ways of looking at things, both for designers and their audiences. Staying on top of what is going on in SEO trends can generate hundreds or thousands of hits more for a business that takes the time to keep up.

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