Summer timing

Summer timing

Timing is crucial when you’re pitching but summertime is strange for all of us. Here are some quick tips to when and how to pitch your targets from June to August. Hopefully it will save you some time!

First of all, remember that talk shows go on hiatus from taping in the summer. Oprah is done, so is Ellen. You need to realize that if you want to go on a big show, you’ll have to wait until later in August. It’s a barebones time for the staff, and not much is going on at the production companies. That’s not to say you might catch a producer at their desk with time to listen to a pitch during this time. But it better be one that is non-seasonal.

July 15 can be the cut-off for HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDES for many print publications believe it or not. (Sometimes here at Wax we put up Christmas decorations to get in the mood) So if you plan to get your product or service in a national monthly publication, you’d better get on it now. One of the best resources I’ve used is GiftListMedia . Owner Amy Stumpf and her team assemble well researched, up to date lists of editors, preferences, and all kinds of info that should help your pitch be right on target. But remember, you better get it done by August 1 or you’ve missed the boat.

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