Supercharge your results with integrated marketing





You can infuse integrated marketing into a communications project at any phase. As an IMC trainer for PRSA and professor of IMC at WVU I’ve found that many public relations pros are already doing IMC without even thinking about it. Consciously understanding the things you’re doing that help the channels work together only makes it stronger. It also helps you figure out ways to add even more synergy between those channels.

With IMC, we regularly get these kinds of results:

  • 40-50% email open rates
  • Site traffic increases of 50-75% within the first 60 days
  • Significant increases in targeted impressions

Join me  Monday November 9th at 5PM at the PRSA International Conference. I’ll teach you ways to add more integration into your daily practice to supercharge your communications results! You’ll gain valuable takeaways:

Audience Behavior – Forget about demographics. You need to learn the behavior of your targets so you can influence them accordingly.

Integrated Strategy Statements – Alignment is key if you’re trying to influence others to the behavior you want. Creating a foundational statement that lies underneath all of your messaging ensures alignment.

Cross-channel Strategies – Strategies should not be designed to fit within a particular messaging channel. All of the best campaigns include strategies and messaging that can be translated between channels.

Synchronizing Tactics – Tactics can be synchronized and linked to include sequences of two, three, four or more tactics. Linked together, tactics are MUCH more powerful.

Learn how to infuse integrated marketing into YOUR practice and get powerful results. I’ll see you Monday, November 9th . If you have questions before then don’t hesitate to contact me via email, on Twitter @waxgirl333 or connect with me on LinkedIn.