Sussing out the ad reps

Sussing out the ad reps

I got a call from an advertising sales rep this week and we were talking about a media buyer that we both know. Media buyers are notorious for beating up sales reps to beat down the price of advertising so it often becomes an adversarial relationship. And when this particular salesperson vented some frustration about the buyers inability to “partner” with her, I listened. But I know this rep well and she is by far the best ad rep I’ve ever worked with. It got me to thinking about why she was so good and I came up with a few reasons that might help you decide if an ad rep is really on your side, or just full of “it”.

Okay here goes: 1) I learn something everytime I talk to her, whether it’s about media in general, a new show that’s doing well, the rankings of the local stations, whatever. 2) When I buy ads she makes sure that they are placed in the promised time period and that anything that’s free isn’t playing at 3 AM on the radio. 3) She calls me to proactively tell me about promotions that might work for me. Many reps just add you to their massive CC list. 4) She tells me when my request is out of line or I’m asking for too much of a discount. And then she tells me why.

Unfortunately most ad reps aren’t like this one. But when you find a good one, they truly are a partner to your business. They’re also a great source of information abour your market, advertising techniques and even the competition. When you find a good one, make them your friend for life.

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