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“Our goal for the book was to codify a new marketing paradigm which our readers could leverage in order to build strong bonds with their stakeholders.” - Rina Plapler, author of Amazon’s #1 international bestseller Brand Intimacy: A New Paradigm in Marketing, and managing partner with MBLM.

One book that stood out from our recent list of the best marketing books to read in 2018 was Brand Intimacy: A New Paradigm in Marketing by Mario Matarelli and Rino Papler. It's challenging to find marketing books that truly present a fresh perspective. Brand Intimacy manages to present a unique view that combines the need for a strong brand presence with the need for a meaningful customer relationship. In the age of personalization, brands must connect with their customers in order for them to feel valued and special and that requires emotion. A recent MarketingProfs article explained why it's not just B2C but B2B customers as well that are motivated primarily by their senses.  The implications of achieving brand intimacy with consumers are significant. Customers who feel a close relationship with brands are more willing to pay a higher price for a product just because it is branded a certain way. These customers are also intensely loyal and great brand ambassadors. When the average company loses half of its customer base every year loyalty is king. Loyal customers more likely to recommend a brand to a friend. This is particularly relevant with millennials and GenZ, for whom peer reviews are the primary differentiator in product selection. [caption id="attachment_14002" align="alignleft" width="300"] Authors of Brand Intimacy, A New Paradigm in Marketing: Mario Natarelli, managing partner at MBLM, and Rina Plapler, partner at MBLM (PRNewsfoto/MBLM)[/caption] Simply put it's not enough to just sell. Matarelli and Plapler really "get" this idea and provide pragmatic tips for companies to reach toward a forward-thinking brand view.  Like any worthwhile endeavor, creating intimacy brand intimacy is a challenging and long-term process. Here are our five takeaways from Brand Intimacy: