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If you're like me, you probably have some anxiety about attending a conference, trade show or networking event. In 20 years I've probably had more training than the next person on the art of the schmooze, but I still get the willies sometimes.  A few years ago I learned a secret that might seem a little silly, but it really works. I have been fortunate to work with Carole Hyder as a client for a long time. Carole is an international teacher, author and businessperson who specializes in Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of balancing the energies in your home and work.  I've already written about the power of wearing red underwear  if you're going to be on TV but there's more fashion Feng Shui you can use for a really big day,  whether it's a speech, an important meeting, conference or anywhere you need to be at your best.   Whether it works because it works, or it works because it's all in your head (and really, what's the difference) it works. First let me tell you a little story and then I'll tell you how to do it.