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Last September I ran this post -  as we get into one of the busiest seasons in PR I thought it was a good idea to remind ourselves that a) we're probably not going to ever be truly original b) our products and service are not story ideas and c) being annoying never works. Enjoy! (PS - there were some great comments last year, so check out the original post for those as well) [caption id="attachment_3667" align="alignright" width="234" caption="I would never imply that the media are a bunch of babies."][/caption] Ever wonder why some people get instant press and others languish? Despite all the reasons you hear (bad publicist, bad timing, dumb media, war, famine, smallpox outbreak..) it’s because their pitch is not nearly as interesting as they think.  If you think you don’t have to read this post because you KNOW this doesn’t apply to you…you probably need to read this post. So bear with me… here are the top five reasons why pitches get ignored: