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...as consumers, we loooove a deal.  I was reading Forbes' recent story about the ouster of Michael Francis, President of J.C. Penney and I was reminded of my intense dislike  of JCP's new advertising campaign, an immensely unpopular opinion back in January.  Unfortunately I was right. The company is in turmoil, sales are dismal and heads are rolling. JCP's ads didn't sell anything because they, like Saturn before them, forgot that we absolutely love a deal. My friend Craig and I regularly try to one-up each other on our steals we find at the "best" Goodwill in town, often brand new, designer label clothing that some rich person bought and never wore. My mother is a die-hard Herberger's fan and regularly uses their coupons to buy "this fantastic amazing shirt for $7" that I have to hear about for at least 30 minutes.  We just got through a recession for goodness sake and people are still hurting financially.  When we buy something, we better know it's a great goddamn deal.   I have four questions for J.C. Penney: