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I admit, it's been a while since I had to create career pages in LinkedIn and generate job postings.  When I went to do so for a client recently, I was shocked by the hoops LinkedIn has created to try to get paying customers. It's one thing to generate revenue, I've got no issue with that. It's quite another to generate hours of mickey mouse work for someone trying to create a career page. Here's how my story goes.

I'm straying way off course and off schedule in honor of the 7th anniversary of Wax Marketing - today! My biggest lesson? Dealing with the big GWF - the gut wrenching fear that comes with owning a small business. I don't think it's good marketing strategy, or business acumen, or networks that makes or breaks a small business. I think it's the ability to deal with fear. The only thing we have to fear is fear itself, right?So the next time you wake up in the middle of the night worried about that big check you need to cover payroll - or  when half your customers decide your service is a "luxury" they can do without - try these and see if they work. Here's how I've learned to deal with GWF  over the past seven years. I hope you'll add your own fun tips and ways to get around it too!

I talk a lot about the need for the right "mix" when you promote your product, business, book, whatever it is - engaging in social media is no different. To get a good result you have to find the recipe that's 100% ALL YOURS. But just like the hard-to-bake souffle, there are some ingredients I've seen in of the work of ALL successful social media contributors.   Here are the components I believe you should always use for your  social media recipe...and some of experts who cook it up just right. Feel free to add your favorite folks - let's get a good list going!

I  found a company willing to share a true, B2B social media case study complete with strategy, tactics, and heavens to betsy, they even measured it!  As I perused my newly invigorated LinkedIn account I discovered Ed Loessi CMO and Chief Strategy officer for Boston-based RapidInfluence, a consulting company that focuses on the implementation of strategic plans. (Boy does every company need this!!) RapidInfluence embarked this year on a social media strategy and not only successfully implemented their strategy, they've documented it on their blog Ed has kindly allowed me to re-blog their social media post here on the Wax blog - but I would strongly recommend you read the full blog on the RapidInfluence site here to view all the graphics and visit more links.  Please add comments with suggestions you might have for RapidInfluence on new things they might do or things that have worked for your firm. We're all going to be learning new stuff forever in this world! From the  RapidInfluence Blog, October 6, 2009

Since we all just had a good time talking about what NOT to do on LinkedIn I thought I'd post some things you SHOULD do. LinkedIn, according to Mashable just surpassed 50 million users. Although it's clearly not the sexiest of social networks (the media loves them some Facebook and Twitter) LinkedIn is incredibly valuable, especially for the B2B set.  You can definitely market your business but remember - you're building relationships one to one. That means there are no shortcuts. These are things that are working for me but I would love to hear any cool ways you're using LinkedIn successfully. Remember,  there are no experts in social media just the intellectual capital of the collective. (Seriously I just made that up )