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By Jenny Martel Last week I talked about how moms DON'T want to be marketed to. This week I'll be positive (I promise) and tell you that I prefer two tactics, education and humor when firms market to moms. I want varied portraits of different child-focused families and I want to know how to get there. I want to see a child-prioritized domestic universe featuring an intelligent mother making good, information-based decisions. Use a unique format to educate me about your product and how it will assist me as a mother. I’ve seen very few educational commercials that capture my interest. Perhaps this is because we are "multi-minders" as Stephanie Holland mentions  in a post at  Holland says that we  “multi-minders” are unlikely to be ever pay full attention to just one thing. In fact, we're quite likely to be concurrently engaged in several other things. According to Holland, the best place to reach a mother’s full attention in online with interactive, informative marketing on websites. I love what Joy Geduza says  in her post on PPC Performance in the Wax blog. Basically, Geduza thinks intelligent and educational marketing starts with an intelligent marketer. I think this is really important when you market to moms. We're smart, not frazzled! (Okay, we're smart AND frazzled.) She suggests starting by placing your product in the right place with the right keywords. Then continue building with the right sort of evidence at the right moments, especially with trust-building information like convincing data and testimonials.   What's a good example of a great commercial, in my humble opinion?

By Jenny Martel

You and Your Family Will Be Infested With Scary Germs and Die (unless you buy this product.)

Companies love to market to moms with this theme. The Bounty Duratowel is the commercial that first comes to my mind. The ubiquitous innocent baby is devouring spaghetti in the messiest way possible off the vulnerable surface of her high chair. Vulnerable, people, that surface is being invaded by the enemy. This is one of my least favorite  tactics used to market to moms and I'm sure other mothers share this opinion. Or there's another popular tactic to market to moms I call the “Octopus Mom". She needs eight arms to keep all her balls in the air. This is the mom tearing down her suburban staircase in a business suit while carrying a laundry basket. She has an iPhone plastered to her ear and there is a pot boiling over on the stove. Children, one of whom has just ridden his muddy bike across the cream-colored Tibetan rug, are yelling and running about the house. Insert product that is going to help you, Octopus Mom, deal with your chaotic, multi-tasking life. (Personally, I think that ancient ad from Calgon "Take Me Away" started this whole thing.)   Fear-based advertising reacts urgently on the mom psyche. The fear of not getting everything done, not protecting your family from bad things,  the fear of having your sweet domestic solace invaded by the greatest foe of all, THE GERM. So why are these themes such a mainstay when advertisers market to moms?