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Since we've been talking about the unique characteristics of generations, I thought it would be appropriate to include an article on the "lost" generation.  By Donna Stevenson
Generation X used to be known as the 'lost generation' because they are members of a demographic cohort much smaller than their predecessor, the baby boomers. In fact, the group was so small in comparison that their existence was referred to as the 'boom echo'. As a result, and over time, this cohort has and continues to be ignored- in both business and organizational development literature. They have become squeezed between the two larger cohorts - Boomers and Generation Y - and are seldom acknowledged for their own particular preferences and behaviours. But they are of an age where making large purchases, such as homes and cars, are part of their daily routine. For those seeking customers, this cohort should not be ignored. From latchkey to boomerang: Generation X experienced tough economic times watching their boomer parents work long hours for a company only to be downsized or laid off when the economy tanked. This developed in them a distrust of employers and politicians. At the same time, they struggled to gain economic independence from their parents but, in many cases, became 'boomerang' children, the ones who kept returning to their parents' home because they couldn't find employment that would support their lifestyle.