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Mini Media MogulThis business has changed so much over the past few years I can't even stand it. I used to freelance because it was so much fun. Who knew that 5 years post-Hooters Magazine I would be writing just as much for marketing? (Although I can't say I've produced any content quite as compelling as my in-depth interview of the WWW Tag Team Champions of the World. ) It used to be that PR people were never supposed to also write for publications, this would be a conflict of interest!  Now we have to maintain our own blogs, write blogs (if we can get them) for HuffPo or its redheaded cousin the Examiner , and contribute well-written content for our clients' content marketing programs. Then we've got to distribute that information across what should be a well-developed social media platform that must include Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, depending on whether you're consumer- or business-facing. I think a good communications person has to be a mini-media mogul in order to survive. We've got to be building our own influence as we continue to leverage off of the influence of the media.