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For those of you marketing to men, you may have passed Pinterest by as a social media tool. But our guest blogger, Dana Rasmussen, has a different take on why real men DO use Pinterest. Enjoy! [caption id="attachment_5172" align="alignright" width="300"] If I re-pin you, will it take our bromance to a new level? Image courtesy of Juhansonin  [/caption] Why Real Men Don't Use Pinterest… or do they? A look at who uses this popular social media platform and why brands should pay attention. For many men, Pinterest ranks right up there with women's fashion– they don't like it or understand what's going on – but they're not entirely sure they want to dismiss it altogether. And maybe they shouldn't. True, many men visit the photo-sharing pinboard-style site, take a look at the wedding gowns, recipes, flowers, and abundance of pink, girly stuff and immediately abort their efforts. But Pinterest isn't just for chicks, and recent evidence shows that both men and men's brands are starting to pay attention. Pinning before marriage: Bridegrooms getting hip to the trends on Pinterest.