position zero Tag

Once upon a time if a search result was at the top, it was considered the best. Now, a search result is superior if it has placement as the featured snippet, also known as  position zero.  This Google update populates snippets of information and positions them at the very top of search results for a quick and easy answer without ever needing to click on the website. In the SEO world, it is prime real estate to have your content featured.   How can marketers optimize their content for position zero?

Use Imagery for Position Zero

Often the snippet at position zero will include an image or most recently a video. Including relevant images or videos in your content will provide a visual element for the keywords you are targeting. In addition to imagery and videos benefiting your rank, it also enhances the user experience. For example, if you are searching “How to use on-SERP SEO?” a video explaining the process would enhance your content and also increase your rank for achieving that superior placement. Position zero makes RRR content even more important because those added benefits like photos, videos, tables, etc. will help in ranking content. Try turning your normal blog into a video or an audio blog.  If you do a monthly podcast, turn that conversation into a blog.

Stand Out with Lists and Tables

Sometimes position zero snippets are formatted like bulleted lists and tables.