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[caption id="attachment_4887" align="alignleft" width="114"] LA Nik the most famous guy I've never heard of[/caption] Last week I saw a social media post congratulation someone for getting booked on David Letterman. I knew a little bit about the supposed guest-to-be so I clicked on the press release - which was sent out on the wire. If you read the release carefully, it doesn't say anywhere that this  guy  is actually appearing on David Letterman. In fact, it doesn't say he's even booked on David Letterman, which would be enough of a faux pas. Instead the worthy news item is this (verbatim): "L.A. Nik, a man wealthy with friends and relationships, was introduced by longtime friend Barry ZeVan, the infamous television weatherman (now President and CEO of The ZeVan Corporation, a PR and Communications consultancy) to the segment producer at LATE NIGHT." Maybe the guy is booked on David Letterman and it's just a poorly written release. But to me, since it's titled "Guy in talks with David Letterman" it looks like they're basically touting the fact that he was introduced to a producer at Late Night.  SIGH.  I guess this is a good opportunity to  review some basic rules of press releases. Feel free to add some of your own.