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Whether or not you were up for some loving this week is inconsequential around here, because we’re ready to get into the spirit of this Hallmark holiday and revisit some of the posts that we loved and that seemed to hit readers with Cupid’s arrow! Okay, now let’s put the cheesy aside and get down to business; here are some of our top posts that really got readers captivated, thinking and discussing! 1.     Blogger Semantics - the term ‘blogger’ is a broad category and at times that can be aggravating.  There was some fun debate happening, but in the end, the general consensus seemed to be that the ‘professional, corporate blogger’ types prefer to steer clear of the ‘blogger’ label because that gets misinterpreted and professionals aren’t always taken seriously as a result. My opinion on this subject hasn’t changed – I still will not call myself a ‘blogger’- but I would like to know how you define these blogger semantics!