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Here’s the  last of a small series of blog posts by Jeanne Bradford, a innovative leader with a track record at AOL, Cisco and Apple. Jeanne shares her wisdom and advice for accelerating innovation in today’s business environment.  B. Below is a sample of the results of a Social Innovation Readiness Scorecard.  The boxes in grey indicate those areas where the mean value is less than 3.0.  The team will want to consider further preparation in these areas before launching a social implementation to increase the likelihood of success. By analyzing the results of the self-assessment and collecting any further information, the facilitator should be able to create an an action plan. Your organization will have a prioritized list of initiative areas to improve the readiness of your social innovation efforts. Jeanne Bradford                   The Benefits of The Social Innovation Readiness Scorecard
  • Provides a new methodology for accelerating innovation and time to market in your product development organization