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By Patricia Rogers - Newlywed, blogger, interior designer When you’re searching for great new design features to include in your next gig, social media may seem like a daunting place to turn. It’s all too easy to think, “Oh, I’ll just check out a couple of ideas on Pinterest,” and find yourself browsing three hours later without any concrete plans. Despite these potential pitfalls, social media for interior designers has emerged as one of the most important places to gathersocial media for interior designers ideas. Making social media work for you is a great step in advancing your career.

Create a Strong Professional Social Media Presence

You’re not likely to feel inspired if your social media feeds consist of random friends, family and a handful of designers you admire. Instead, consider creating a separate professional social media presence. Set up a Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter account with your company name and begin making professional associations. To start, make a list of your top 10 favorite designers and interior design magazines.