WalMart Tag

[caption id="attachment_3642" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Solar roof...Target or Walmart?"][/caption] I'm not going to argue the merits of Walmart with everyone but comments on last week's post made me wonder how much we really know about Walmart or Target...and how much misinformation has been fed to us by the media based on clever PR? Check out the following questions and then see below for answers. You might be surprised.
  1. Which company created a sustainability consortium between big box retailers, 34 manufacturers and 9 universities to develop "green" label standards?
  2. Which company had no corporate goals for sustainability as of last year?
  3. Which company had 30,000 people apply for jobs at a store opening?
  4. Which company has admitted to keeping part-timers weekly hours below 32 as a policy to avoid paying benefits?
  5. Which company is shown an anti-union video as part of its orientation?
  6. In 2008, which company's health and wage plans were viewed as "more restrictive" by the UCFW?
Okay, here are the answers. If you guessed wrong you're not alone.