Targeting your customers

Targeting your customers

Let’s consider more about target marketing. Some people (alot of old-fashioned media planners for example) think that if you have the age, geography, gender, perhaps ethnic backgrounds, and income identified, you can easily target your customers. WRONG! This is why people have such a hard time getting to the 18 -24 year old men…they’re all so different! You have to think about who will read your book, buy your product, or use your service in psychographic terms. That’s a big word for figuring out who these people really are. Where do they go for their information? What do they do for fun? Where do they hang out? Who are their heroes? What do they eat, sleep, wear, read, listen to, and love? Figure out a total profile for your customers. That’s the tool you need to start really targeting your marketing, and making it work. Your customers can be both man and woman, totally different incomes, have all kinds of difference….what you’re looking for is a set of common characteristics. Once you know those, you can craft core messages, pick your media, choose creative strategies, and you’ll reach your market. Now what if they don’t respond? BOOM wrong market, tweak your profile until you get results. THAT’s how you target market.

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  • Pare douche en verre
    Posted at 16:45h, 29 May Reply

    Great post, very interesting.
    I agree about what you said that some thinks its easier to get customers if you got a certain preferences. Its about your costumer’s preferences and not yours.


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