What’s the right blog comment format?

What’s the right blog comment format?

There are a number of different ways that you can set up your blog commenting structure. The question here is whether or not the format you choose has a bearing on the way that your readers interact.  Like most decisions you have to make when you setup a blog, the answer is quite likely yes!

There are two ways that most blogging tools and blogging plug-ins setup the comment section.

  1. People add comments to the post. This blog uses this format.
  2. People can add comments to the post or they have the option of replying to other comments. These comments are laid out so it is clear exactly which comment is being replied to.

So difference can the commenting formats make?

According to a bit of an informal poll I took, the format you choose either tells your readers that you only want them to direct their replies at you. Or that you’ve opened the forum for them to engage with each other.  Using the first commenting format mentioned above, you’re not discouraging people from commenting on comments; it’s just a bit less convenient and it becomes harder to follow, so people are not as encouraged.

There is no right or wrong decision to make here, but it is something to consider depending on how you want people to start communicating!

What’s your preference?