When hustle pays off…

When hustle pays off…

First of all, I am no longer listening to those “life balance” people who tell me to turn off my crackberry so I can get a life. Last night I did just that and Joey Fatone’s manager called me to see if Joey could wear the Barefoot Bunny Slippers while working the Academy Awards tonight. Of course, since my phone was OFF I didn’t get the message until this morning so we had to scramble. My client’s daughter luckily lives in LA, so she showed up at the Roosevelt Hotel with 25 minutes to spare – and got a hug from Fatone who was thrilled to get them.

First lesson is not to turn off my phone. I should have known better – the last time I truly went ‘off the grid’ David Lettermen’s booker called me. But the real lesson is that when you hustle and do whatever it takes to MAKE something happen you can have unbelievable results. The Oscar show just started, so I haven’t seen the slippers on air yet but I’ll keep you posted on what happens.

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