Why don’t we market?

Why don’t we market?

Continuing on with my marketing rant (and then I’ll get back to the productive stuff, I promise) what makes it so hard for small businesses is that first, they don’t know where to start; second they don’t know what to budget; and third they don’t know where to budget. And I don’t blame them. Just a few years ago, the choices were easy. Advertise in print, and when you had the money, advertise on TV. Well those mediums just don’t have the payback they used to. So what is a business supposed to do? You’ve got too many options these days from guerilla marketing, to product placement, to the Internet…it’s really confusing. And most marketing or PR consultants know their own particular niche, not an overall view.

The term “integrated marketing communications” was coined to address this problem. In December, I’ll be finishing my M.S. at the Adler School of Journalism at WVU in IMC, and it’s been an eye opener. We’re learning how to test the synergies between the different messaging channels, as well as the most effective ways (and times) to use those channels. It’s been a great experience and I’ve applied it every day in my work.

That’s really the premise of waxcoach.com is to help provide a framework for IMC for small businesses and others. And so in the interest of this mission (rather than the mission of my soapbox) I’ll return to that topic in the next posting.

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