Writing for your business

Writing for your business

One thing I see a lot is a tendency to write like a golf swing. You start a big, slow swing backwards with lots of fancy supporting statements. Then spring into action with the actual core message. Sometimes it takes two or three sentences for people to get to the point. When I’m receiving pitches for feature articles, this is particularly frustrating. We just don’t have time for all that wind up anymore and frankly I don’t think we ever needed it!

For example, an author was writing about their book recently in a pitch. They started out with “There are many who believe that the path to peace in the Middle East is impossible. And with today’s current approach, that may be true. But expert JOHN DOE has a new vision – a vision that would solve the problems for peace…” See what I mean? It was halfway down the paragraph before I found out the guy was actually a renowned professor on the Middle East at a very prestigious Ivy League school. Of course I wanted to talk to him. But had I been a producer, or someone thinking about reading his book, he would have lost me at “hello.”

What should this person have done? He should have just written me with “I am JOHN DOE, a Professor Middle Eastern Studies from Ivy League School. I am a big deal because …..and I can provide commentary because…. In other words, get to the point. We don’t need a windup! You are probably articulating something that the consumer or the media already knows. The other day I called CBS News and when they answered I said “I have an expert on healthcare who can talk to the Clinton program. Who can I talk to right now?” I ended up getting passed on to a producer and we had a nice long chat. She didn’t even know my name until I sent her the follow up email.

We are all so busy. The Internet has changed us into a “just the facts ma’am” society. So remember to keep your core message short, articulate, and to the point. Sharp points can go through even the smallest hole. And with all the messaging clutter out there, your openings are getting tinier and tinier.

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    Posted at 02:58h, 23 July Reply

    I am really someone who’s not good when it comes with oral communication. I prefer writing a lot, and I thank you for sharing your knowledge about it. Thanks, I learned helpful hints.


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