The Wax Blog consumers, we loooove a deal.  I was reading Forbes' recent story about the ouster of Michael Francis, President of J.C. Penney and I was reminded of my intense dislike  of JCP's new advertising campaign, an immensely unpopular opinion back in January.  Unfortunately I was right. The company is in turmoil, sales are dismal and heads are rolling. JCP's ads didn't sell anything because they, like Saturn before them, forgot that we absolutely love a deal. My friend Craig and I regularly try to one-up each other on our steals we find at the "best" Goodwill in town, often brand new, designer label clothing that some rich person bought and never wore. My mother is a die-hard Herberger's fan and regularly uses their coupons to buy "this fantastic amazing shirt for $7" that I have to hear about for at least 30 minutes.  We just got through a recession for goodness sake and people are still hurting financially.  When we buy something, we better know it's a great goddamn deal.   I have four questions for J.C. Penney: 

Seasoned marketing people know that long term results come from persistence, patience and creativity. Sometimes, though, I think the media's celebration of "overnight" sensations has created unrealistic expectations.  For example, businesspeople may think that the Internet and technology in general have made it possible to achieve results in half the time.  They think videos go viral overnight all the time. They might think if something doesn't work right away it's a bad idea. Now add those notions to the typical entrepreneur's over-developed sense of urgency and you might have a real expectation problem. I've written about patience and ADHD marketing before but it bears another look. Here are a few ways to figure out if you're falling prey to marketing impatience: