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It always surprises me (god knows why after this long) when a client tells me they don't watch TV or read anything banal like USA Today. But yet they want to be on all those programs "Get me on Ellen!" in order to further their message. (Or for the narcissists just to get famous. More on that later) You can't be a media snob if you want to reach the mainstream. One of the most important things  to do if you want to use public relations as a marketing tool is get to know the ENTIRE media landscape.

[caption id="attachment_4199" align="alignright" width="224" caption="What would Molly do?"][/caption] I've had a few conversations over the past couple of weeks regarding the use of serial commas and other little grammar tics. It was helpful for me to read Jonathan Crossfield's blog post  talking about the fact that writing is about CLARITY not about grammar. The internet and blogs in particular have really changed this for most of us. For example,  I believe a brochure that still uses serial commas in its copy  a) looks messy and b) is old school.  So sue me. 

I was in a meeting last week with a new client - we were discussing how the administrative staff might deal with incoming calls. The CEO remarked "let's take that offline, it has nothing to do with marketing." This person really doesn't like me, so at first I thought he had read my latest brand rant but then I realized he was 100% serious. So what's up with this disconnect between marketing and customer service? I've got some ideas about it. Love to hear yours!