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I'm really tired of people thinking that their logo is their brand. No...that's your brand image. Your brand is also not your tagline or your style or anything else that has to do with how you look. The best definition of a brand these days is that it's your customer's perception of your product, service, company or person. 

I have a client who is always thinking about not only what to market, when to market and how to market...but what's going to happen on the operational side when a campaign hits. Although we all have a tendency to think of this person as a "debbie downer" when we're being creative-y and inspired, she's the smart one. Without good customer service you might as well be flushing your marketing money down the toilet. I had a an experience with a window washing company a few months ago. Great social media campaign, well-placed ads, etc. But after I booked them, they showed up hours late and then decided to take lunch after working for about 45 minutes. When I called the manager to let him know I really didn't have all day for this, I got a bunch of excuses and insinuations that I was being a pain. Needless to say I won't work with them again. I also left a review on Yelp that shows up very high on their search results. All that marketing went down the drain in my case. It's sometimes hard to experience your own customer service. In some cases you may have been working with an office manager or other employee for years, and built up a bit of denial. Here is a short checklist to make sure that your customer service capability can meet the new marketing demand.