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As our regular readers likely know by now, my strategies in blogging typically find a happy medium between having a technical-minded SEO focus and a customer-oriented approach.  I’m all about balance and a big believer that regardless of what your SEO stats tell you, if you’re not connecting with your clients, you’re not accomplishing enough. I bring this up only because there is one area where it’s just dawned on me that my views differ, and it relates to inserting hyperlinks on your blog. Should Hyperlinks On Your Blog Be About Customers or SEO?

If you’ve ever doubted the importance of careful keyword selection when writing blog articles or doing anything else online, I’ve got a great example for you out of my own situational files. While I’m very careful about inserting effective keywords when writing articles, and put a lot of thought into titles or headlines; I’d never really paid much attention to how the name I choose to use has affected by online presence. The thing that you need to know about me is that I use whichever last name seems more convenient at any given time. Sometimes I’m “Beth Hodgson” other times “I’m Beth Graddon-Hodgson”. Much to my husband’s dismay , I don’t think I’ll be using the former online anymore. Here’s why: • Beth Hodgson is not unique, Beth Graddon-Hodgson is. People trying to find me online are getting this gal instead . While she may have red hair and a husband whose name starts with “J” as well, I don’t live in California or have a guinea pig named Snowball. • Point one is causing people to modify their queries. If people searching for me don’t know to throw ‘Graddon’ in there, they’re adding something else to hunt me down. ‘Beth Hodgson WriteSourcing’ ‘Beth Hodgson Toronto’ ‘Beth Hodgson Canada’ and ‘Beth Hodgson writing’. I’m not only hard to find, but this little point is throwing off my ranking success!