I prefer ChatGPT to get me started on many things like outlines and briefs and to do SEO tasks. But WriteSonic and Jasper are both great tools for content creators who need to do many of the same types of content and who want to take advantage of tons of templates and other assets that can jumpstart the effort. 
WriteSonic Pros
  •  WriteSonic offers numerous templates for blog posts, emails, ad copies, and more.
  •  WriteSonic has the advantage of language versatility, supporting several different languages.
  •  WriteSonic has great customer support and is pretty cheap, at $19/month to start.
  •  WriteSonic doesn't do a great job of infusing personality into the text. (Although none of them do that really well.)
  • The tool has so many features it can be slightly confusing at first.
Jasper Pros
  •  I thought Jasper was easier to learn how to navigate and use, but then I'm not a manual person. (And I hate instructions.)
  •  Jasper has a little more room for infusing personal style. Again, I think that's something the creator needs to really do, not the AI tool.
  •  Unlike WriteSonic, Jasper has a limited number of templates, which can restrict the writing process for some users.
  •  Jasper mainly supports English.
  • Jasper starts at $39/month for its basic subscription.

7 Things to Consider When Choosing an AI Writing Tool

WriteSonic vs Jasper
It's easy to compare, but if you're looking for an AI tool here are the primary ways to evaluate them, and why WriteSonic came out the winner in my evaluation (just by a slim margin though.)
  1. Multilingual Support -  If you're targeting a multilingual audience, WriteSonic's multiple language support is the winner.
  2. User Interface - If you value an intuitive user interface, Jasper's ease of navigation makes it a better choice.
  3. Templates - If you need diverse templates for different content types, WriteSonic is the clear winner.
  4. Personalization - If you  want to try to mirror your unique writing style, Jasper's customization feature is better. But then, I don't either does a good job of this.
  5. Customer Support  - WriteSonic is better.
  6. Cost  - WriteSonic is cheaper to start with, especially if you're new to this type of tool.
  7. Content Diversity: If you create a wide range of content types, WriteSonic's extensive template selection gives it an edge.
Seriously, these things are coming out every day, but I think these two are the definite frontrunners. Your thoughts?
PS: WriteSonic has an affiliate program, so I'll make a few bucks if you buy their solution. But this is an honest comparison.