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Why Your Employee’s Personal Brand Matters – and ways to help them build it

Don’t be afraid to help when it comes to your employees personal brand. Here are some benefits and ways to help them build a stronger reputation both off- and online. Just a few years ago, the concept of branding was limited mostly to businesses, and how companies cultivated their image. The concept has expanded to […]

5 Must Do’s for Local SEO

5 easy tactics small to medium sized businesses can use for strong local SEO It’s no secret that running a small business requires skill in several different areas. You don’t need to fight every battle to win the small business and marketing war, but it’s important to show up to the big ones. Like being visible online. […]

10 Essential Questions for Choosing a MarTech Solution

If you work in marketing, you probably get a martech-related sales email or digital ad daily. Choosing a martech solution can be challenging. Every solution promises to change the way you do your job in a big way — making your work easier, faster, more accurate, and better than the competition’s. Which makes sense. After all, […]

6 Things to know about FTC influencer marketing rules

Influencer marketing works well in terms of celebrity social media partnerships. In fact the Federal Trade Commission is wary of these posts fitting in a little too seamlessly. There are enormous benefits to influencer marketing as we all know.  But like blogs there is some  regulatory framework to wade through. Several companies and dozens of influencers […]

Creating More Impactful Presentations

How to Make Your Presentations More Impactful By Maurice DeCastro, Mindful Presenter Creating and delivering a presentation is a key part of any career, and a challenge that many people have to face – whether they feel they are ready or not. Delivering a presentation addresses a key fear for many professionals: public speaking. When […]

Understand the three tiers of influencers to save time and money

Let engagement drive your influencer marketing strategy By Matthew Steele 8 of the 10 most recognizable “celebrities” for teenagers are YouTube stars. Even if most of these so-called stars are unrecognizable to you, your audience may be hanging on every word they say. Even though high profile influencers may have enormous reach there are lower […]

How to Be a Better Marketer

When entrepreneurs want to learn advanced accounting techniques, they enroll in classes. When entrepreneurs are interested in boosting their knowledge about business finance, they go to school. Yet, when entrepreneurs believe their marketing strategies to be lacking, they tend to power through on their own, perhaps picking up a few tips from the web or […]

5 Ways to Spy on the Competition

spy on the competition

Pablo Picasso once said that “Good artists borrow, great artists steal.” Everybody wants to innovate – to create something unique. Yet many great business ideas come from learning ways to spy on the competition. If you want to lead your market you must know what the leaders are doing. Many of my clients ask how I […]

Your Brand’s Repeat Business & Customer Retention

Customer Retention

Too many brands ays have a sole focus on attracting new clients to their business. They completely overlook the customer base they already have. Remember it actually costs a lot more money to attract new clients to the business that it does to achieve repeat business. Most successful companies focus on customer retention as a major […]

How To Track Website Leads By Marketing Channel

website leads

Having a wealth of information is great, especially when it comes to Internet marketing campaigns and website leads. Online marketers build their lead generation websites to provide them with as much information about their potential customers as possible. However, even though they want to collect as much information as they can, they don’t always get […]

8 Things We Learned from the Reuters Digital News Report 2017

Plagued by fake news, political polarization and media bias—real or perceived—Americans have shifted their digital media consumption habits accordingly. The new  Reuters 2017 Digital News Report pulls out some of the key developments in the world of digital media. The shifts are not just occurring on the consumer side of things. Struggling traditional business models are […]

Consumer Activism – Protests of the Purse

consumer activism

If you want to force a change in a company’s methods of production you don’t need to organize a protest, or even march in one.  In a blog earlier this year Edelman’s Global Strategy Director David Armano described the impact of what he called “protests of the purse.” Consumer activism, Armano argues, needs to be considered as […]